Dawson Kelley
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Dawson Robert Kelley
Oct. 25,2000 - Nov.24 ,2005
Always in our hearts and
in our memories!
Hello, My name is Dawson. Thank you for stopping to visit my site. I am a little boy who loved life and lived it fully. To tell you something special about myself, I will tell you about my name:
Dawson : gender- masculine
Usage: English
Pronounced: DAW-sun
Meaning: derived from a surname meaning son of David

Dear Chudda,
I miss you so much today. So much in life has happened since you left this world for your heavenly home. Every time I look at Giovanni I am reminded of you. His smile, his laugh, his eyes, his hair..... everything about him is you all over again, only it isn't you. I am saddened when I think of how much you would have loved your youngest brother. I know you watch over us all, but he will never know the protective love that you showed Tacoma. My only solace to that grief is that your love for Tacoma taught Tacoma how to be the kind of brother that will protect Giovanni the way you would have. Not a day goes by where I don't think of something you did and smile. The memories keep me strong, but the hurt keeps me paralyzed in time. I will never know what you were like at 6 or 7 or 8, or any age above 5. I am stuck wondering what you look like now in heaven. Have you aged? Have you gotten taller and more handsome? I am stuck living out life's movie reels in my head while the present world goes on unscathed as though life were normal. I still wonder why it had to be you. I still fight to keep every aspect of you alive through memory and tribute. A piece of me is forever empty. I wish I could talk to you and laugh with you. You would be twelve now and likely have girls chasing you as they already are Tacoma. It's so nostalgic to stop and think that although my oldest son is twelve, I only know what being a parent is to a ten year old. I think of all the memories I make with Tacoma and all the things I do for him and find myself wondering what of those I would have done or still be doing for you if you were here. I try not to get lost in the "what if's" but it never works. And then on nights like tonight, when nightmares chase sleep away, I find myself getting lost in a fantasy of life with you still here. It's a quarter til four in the morning, and while sleep should be closing in I am tapping away on a computer keyboard as though you will read these words and somehow respond. Oh, if life were only so simple. I pray you hear me talk to you in my head and when I say my prayers, I pray you know when I am leaving you flowers and Valentines in the cemetery. Mostly, I just pray you know how very loved and missed you have been and will always be since your death. I love you so much my Chudda! Please always know that you are thought of, spoken of, missed and deeply mourned. Until God calls me home, I think of you
Love you mostest bestest,

Just for You...I need to say thank you, I owe this all to you! For so long I battled with your loss and needed to find away to pay tribute to your memory! I need your death to be more then a heart ache. And it has. I have found inside myself a strength I didn't know I had. I push myself each day, and at the end when I lay down to say my prayers, I remember I am living in your memory, and chasing dreams you never got to have. I believe in my heart you are the reason I will be a good teacher. I beleive even more that you are with me each day as I chase that dream. And so for that reason I need to say thank you! I pushed so hard this semester, and when I finished I finished with a 3.8 and academic honors of president's list! I was aiming for a 4.0, but I am happy with my achievement! Thank you! I love you mostest bestest. always and forever!


Dear Chudda,
It's so hard to sit and really absorb the fact that I am spending another new year with out you! I sit today and think back on all the years I had with you, as short as it was our time spent together was more precious then anything. I remember how new years were spent before you went away. It's so much different now that you aren't here. It's like things just all picked up some where else and the way things were before can never be again. I think about the time you were just a baby and it was your very first new year. I remember the saying that the person you kiss at midnight is the one you are ment to be with forever. For so long I was used to kissing you and your brother. Now you aren't here and it seems so unfair to even celebrate without you here. I cry so much sometimes thinking about all the things I am now forced to do with out you . Its hard but its even harder on the holidays. Please always know that I love you mostest bestest and think of you ever single minute of everyday. Sending all my love

Dear Chudda,
It's almost that time of year again. It's so hard to believe that it has been three Christmas' with out you here. I still find myself thinking of the things to get you when I go shopping, then suddenly hurting when I realize that just isn't possible. I know you are having the most beautiful holiday season in heaven, the way God means for the holidays to be celebrated. I often wonder what things you would want for Christmas. You are seven now, you were five when you left. I wonder though, would you still want all the veternary things you wanted before, or the music, or the books. It's amazing the difference in how you were and how Tacoma is now. He is just finally getting past the speech problems he has developed in your loss. He is becoming so intelligent and it's showing thru. I hear him saying some of the things that remind me of, so smart and yet so innocent. Please my angel, watch over all those who love us, and those that we love. Help keep their spirits up and light this holiday season. Please my angel, know that Mommy loves you, and that I carry you with my this holiday season in my heart and dreams!
I love you my Chudda boy!
Love mommy

Dear Chudda,
Mommy couldn't find all the beautiful things that I wanted to put on here today. i did find some poems and thought that you might like them. I know today for you is a glorious day, and that you walk with Jesus. I cry today, and miss you more than ever. I am selfishly wishing you were here and living back with me. I know you walk in beauty, and live in heavenly peace. No matter how many things I know of heaven, it can't stop me from missing you more than words can say. I see you in my sleep, and feel you in the breeze. I know that you are always with me. Thank you for watching over all of us so closely. Please know that I lnve you more than you will ever know. 
Love you mostest bestest,


When Tomorrow Starts Without Me
( David Romano )

When tomorrow starts without me
and I'm not here to see...
If the sun should rise and find your
eyes filled with tears for me,

I wish so much you wouldn't cry
the way you did today...
While thinking of the many things
we didn't get to say.

I know how much you love me,
as much as I love you...
And each time you think of me,
I know you'll miss me, too.

But when tomorrow starts without me,
please try to understand...
That Jesus came and called my name
and took me by the hand,

And said my place was ready
in heaven far above...
And that I'd have to leave behind
all those I dearly love.

So when tomorrow starts without me,
don't think we're far apart...
For every time you think of me,
I'm right here in your heart.

He Only Takes The Best

A heart of gold stopped beating.
Two shining eyes at rest.
God broke our hearts to prove to us
He only takes the best.
Little did we know that morning.
The sorrow the day would bring.
The end was sudden, the shock severe.
We never knew that death was so near.
When days are sad and lonely,
And evening shadows fall.
We hear your voice and see your face.
Your sweet memory lingers on.
God knew you had to leave us.
But you didn't go alone.
For part of us went with you.
The day God called you home.

When God Calls Little Children

When God calls little children to dwell with him above.
We mortals sometimes question the wisdom of
His love. For no heartache compares with the death
of one small child, who does so much to make our
world wonderful and mild.
Perhaps God tires of calling the aged to his fold.
So he picks a rosebud before it can grow old.
God knows how much we need them and so He
takes but few. To make the land of heaven mote
to view. Believing this is difficult, still somehow we must try.
The saddest word mankind knows will always be
"Good bye."
So when a little child departs we who are left behind,
must realize God loves children...
Angels are hard to find.

Happy Thanksgiving my angel. You are so much in our thoughts and prayers. Today is hard for so many that love and miss you. Though this is not your anniv, we still miss you terribly on this day. Please know just how much you are in out thoughts and prayers. Sending all of out love and hugs, love you mostest for always and ever.

October 25,2007
On this day seven years ago, an angel was born! Had you told me then that God would only share him with this world for a meer five years I still would have kept him. It's amazing the things he taught me in just a short amount of time. Most of us live our whole lives through only passing on a lesson or two to those we love if we are lucky. Not my Chudda! He taught me how to love with out conditions. He showed me what it meant to forgive for that is what we ask of God so we too should commit to such kindness. He taught me how to share and accept from others. He taught so many people so many things. The amazing part of it is that his lessons still live on. I remember the day my son was buried standing at the pulpit in tears. The whole world seemed to have fallen on my chest that day and it was as though everything just wouldn't stop spinning. I remember telling the room of people who loved him how much he meant to me. I remember thanking everyone for coming to show their last respects. Most of all what I remember is this, telling everyone there the biggest lesson I had learned from my son. You see there is a common misconception among the world today, that success is measured by the difference you make in the life of a child. I explained to a room full of tearful faces how untrue that is. Success is the measurement of the difference you ALLOW a child to make in your life. We as parents and adults have a mind set that we are here to teach our children. Not many of us take the time to listen  to the silent lessons offered by the innocence of a child's teachings. Children teach us things like patients, unbending belief in others, forgiveness, selflessness, and so much more. Today I realize I am not the only parent in the world who has or will suffer the loss of a child. There are never any words to ease the pain we feel when loss occurs. I know that, I have lived with this pain for two years now. However, if there are any words i pray for those who walk in my shoes to really hear me say , it is this :
When the day comes that you can reflect on all that your child was is in this life, remember the lessons YOU learned from having that precious child in YOUR life. By always living with knowledge gained through our children, no matter what they never really die. I pray for all of those who feel the pain I do, and for those that someday will. May God bless each and every person who reads this message. Thank you for visiting my son on his birthday!
I love you my Chudda!

******************************* I would like to take a moment and tell you all of a special friend that I have gained thru the loss of my son! Her name is Lori and she is very special to me and my family. At a time when myself and my family are financially struggling she opened her heart. I had been worried of the future of my son's site and if I would be able to afford it. Lori did the most amazing thing and sponsored Dawson's site so that it will be perminent! I ask that you all keep her in your prayers, and stop by her brothers' site, it's listed on this page under Dawson's angel family! (also her mother's site is listed on her brothers' site) If all the people of the world had the heart Lori does, imagine what a place it would be! God bless you always Lori, you are my angel on earth!*******************************

******I would like to thank all of those wonderful people who continue to visit and light candles for my son. As many of you know his birthday is fast approaching. For me and my family this is a bad time of year. I would like to apologize if for a few weeks I am not on the sites of other angels. Please know you are all always in my thoughts and prayers. The months of October and November and extremely emotional for me. Thank you for all your support and wonderful prayers. May God be with you all. ******

Thanks Brenda for making a beautiful slideshow of my Chudda,
Love, Kayla

Thanks Brenda ! I am sure he loves it!

Happy 4th of July! We love and miss U!!!!!

Happy Birthday Memma!


Happy birthday memma, I love and miss you so much! Thank you for all the letters you send me and for all the prayers I hear you say! I know you are staying strong for all our family! And thank you for all the things that you so to keep mommy and brobro safe and protected! I watch over you every nite ma, and the rain should be coming! 
Love you mostest bestest, 


I would like to say thank you all very much for always visiting my angel! Please accept my apologies for not being on sites as often as I used to! My job is very demanding sometimes and I am raising Dawson's brother Tacoma as a single mother. It seems there just isn't enough time in the day anymore. Please know that all of you are in my thoughts and prayers and that I think of you all often. I will be stopping by all the sites on my next day off, Just wanted to let everyone know that nobody is forgotten. You all are a family of a special kind to me and my family, and we carry you all with us always. Thank you for showing Dawson love and celebrating his memory everytime you stop by,
HUGS, Kayla

(I would like to thank all those who stop to view my Chudda's site. Feel free to continue to visit as I am always updating, adding and editing his site. And please I ask that you lite a candle on the way out so that my family knows you were here and can keep you in our prayers! Thank you all so much!)

Dear Chudda,
Its yet again another holiday with out you. I really honestly do not remember the pain of the first mothers day without you. I walked around in a daze somewhat convincing myself that it was all just a nightmare and soon I would wake up. I have finally done just that. Its is now that second mothers day without you and you still are not here. Reality is that you are not coming back, you have found the your heavenly place in life. I think of you all the days of my life. I watch your brother grow every day and the sad thought that in just five short months tacoma will be the same age as you were when you went to heaven. The even scarier thought is that he will pass the age you were when you went to heaven. That is the part that breaks my heart the most, as much as I also fear both of your birthdays coming up in october. I know in my heart that you are watching over all of us. I know this because it is through you and your memory that I find the will to continue on without you. You left me in the presence of a faith that is so incrediblely strong, no one can't help but to admire you for who you were. I watch tacoma and JJ grow stronger everyday. That bond that you shared with both your brother and with JJ was important and different in there on special way. Just as you are my driving force to go on, you are for both those boys. To see them grow and become there one people all day, it is so amazing and incrediblely heart braking at the same time. Though you are not here for this mothers day I still celebrate for both you and your brother. Thats the unfair part, life doesn't come with a manual telling you how to go on and celebrate holidays with out pain a love one who is now in heaven. I think though, no I know that you are the driving force leading my way as you walk with Jesus! Happy mommy's day my precious chudda. 
love you mostest bestest,
more today than yesterday, not as much as tomorrow,
love you - mommy!!

Today has been a very emotional day for me, I miss you so much. I know you are sending love from heaven but I would give anything for one more hug and you were always willing to give me all the hugs I needed.So today hug all the mommy's in heaven and let them know that today as you celebrate with them, we will celebrate for all the mommy"s that have gone home. I will be ahppy with my memories of the mothers days that I had with you. I miss you more that I can explain, but I will see you again and until then, sing with the angels and dance with the children.  

Dated April 18, 2007- Chudda, I pray today for you to open your arms to greet the angels taken to soon from the Virginia Tech tragedy! I pray that as God welcomes them into heaven, you walk with their families and help them to heal, help them to understand, that God did not take them from their family, he only took thier hands! I pray for peace in the days ahead for the families affected by the horror of the tragedy, and pray that they find God, I pray for you to help these angels find their special place in heaven, and accept the purpose God has chosen for them in eternal life! I pray for you and all the angels, and KNOW that all my love and prayers are always with you! God help to hear my prayers, Jesus name we pray, AMEN!

A loving heart is the truest wisdom.
Charles Dickens 

It is never too late to be what you might have been.
George Eliot

If you have lost a child please visit this website.

Please remember that everyday there are children dying from heart related illness'... please take a moment and visit this site to get yourself informed of the heart health facts to keep our children safe! 

To see a world in a grain of sand and a heaven in a wildflower,
hold infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour.
William Blake

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Dawson Kelley who was born in Pennsylvania on October 25, 2000 and passed away on November 24, 2005 at the age of 5. We will remember him forever. He passed away unexpectedly and peacefully at home at 3:48PM on Thanksgiving Day. Though he is gone his memory lives on and we all continue to love him greatly! We catch his kisses when it snows and feel him there when it's quite! At 5 years old Dawson taught so many people what the meaning of love was, and he loved everybody!!

Dawson was born on October 25, 2005 at Sharon Regional Hospital. He weighed 6lbs 7oz and was 21 inches long. He grew very fast and his personality grew with him. Mommy called him Chudda; Popeye and Me-ma called him Bubby. But no matter the nick name he was always smiling and bringing smiles to those around him. He attended 7th St Headstart  in Sharpsville, and Sharpsville Gardens Learining Center where he got a great education and made great friends who sadly miss him. He was member of the Shenango Valley YMCA where he played T-ball and other youth programs. He was also a member of the Sharpsville Church of the Nazeriene where he attended Sunday school and dreamed of being in the church choir. He was a son, brother, grandson, great-grandson, nephew, god-son, cousin, friend and peer. No matter who he was to which person, he left his mark on each of our lives in a very significant way. " A leader on earth and now an angel in heaven, Dawson I love and miss you, Love Mommy " 

Dawson was always a happy child despite his health problems. Throughout his life we thought that they were minor heealth problems and kept him up to date at his PCP and allowed him a normal life, that I will never regret! From the time my precious baby was born he had a very hard time holding down food. Doctors told us it was just colic and dismissed it. Call it a mothers intution but I just knew it was more. So we changed his doctors and made an appointment at Pittsburgh Childrens Hospital for a specialist to exam his inability fo digest food. After a scope of Dawson's stomach we were told he had acid reflux and gerd and perscribed medication to help him digest food. Over the course of the next year his symptoms seem to become less frequent. But he had more frequent ear infectons, colds, brochitis, and problems with his sight. By the time he was 3 his  acid reflux had returned and the trips to the doctor were more freqeunt. By the time he was four he had glasses for his poor vision and an appoinment with an ear-nose-throat specialist for is constant problems with ear infections. He also had an appointment with a doctor out of Youngstown for his acid reflux, he was to have a second scope of his stomach done to properly diagnos his symptoms and rule out other possibilities. The doctors findings as he claimed were that of the doctor in Pittsburgh. Next procedure for Dawson would be a tubal ligation of the ears to prevent any further damage due to frequent ear infections.This helped his hearing and his speech improvement greatly! Over the course of the next 8 months Dawson began complaining of light sensitivity to his eyes and constantly having to use the bathroom. At the time I was not able to explain any of these complaints and the doctor seemed to not have any answers for me. His complaints were written off as attention tactics. I wish now I would have pushed harder for a better explanation than behavior.

Dawson went with my mom and dad on Friday November 18th, 2005 for an overnight visit. He went out to eat and enjoyed one last stay at mema and popeye's house ; as nobody had any idea what the week ahead had in store. The next day Dawson, his brother Tacoma and myself had an appiontment at our local Walmart for a photo shot for christmas pictures. We had a farily normal evening. Around dinner Dawson began complaining of a sour stomach, I wrote if off as an attempt to stay up past bed time and continued with the normal bed time routine. At sometime after 2a.m. he woke up vomiting and had gotten sick all over his brother and his room. At this point I felt guilty for not paying attention to his earlier complaint of a belly ache and cleaned him and his brother up and brought them down stairs with me. I called the peditrician help line and under the advice of my primary care physician began a tyenol regime dose appropriate to his age. But his symptoms got worse and so I called the doctors first thing monday morning, but was unable to get him in until wednesday due to the busy holiday season. 

Throughout the next three days I continued give him the tyenol, and prayed he would get better. Finally Wednesday came, and I took him to the doctor. He was by this time very lathargic and had no appatite. he was still willing to drink and urinate fine so I wasn't worried about dehydration. He had lost his voice from coughing and had a very strong wheeze when he breathed. The PCP examined him over and made her " professional " diagnosis of his illness. She said he had brochitis and pneaumona , diagnosing without a chest xray. She sent him home with prescription medication and told me follow up in a week. He didn't make it through the next 24 hours. The medication was to strong for his age and to much for the underlying heart condition that was failed to be diagnosised since birth. The medicine caused his heart to develope myocarditis; inflamation of the heart and thinning of the linning of heart walls. He wouldn't have had a chance even if I had known before I layed him down for a nap that this was happening, the medicine had already damaged his body, and God came down and rescued him from his pain!

On November 24, 2005 I arrived at UPMC horizon hospital Farrell campus to learn that my precious was in heaven, the doctors had done all they could but were not able to revive him. Now the unbearable task of burying my child and making funeral arrangements lay ahead of me. Every parent plans on their child burying them, not the other way around. I have awesome family and friends, and a community that pulled together to remember a life well lived. I know that with out a doubt it was the support of all those who stood beside me that got me through the worst pain in my life, because there is no pain like that  of a mother's pain when she buries her child. 
The greatest honors' I could have ever recieved in a time of lost seem to overwhelm me. A very dear family friend offered o burial plot for me to lay my son to rest, as I had never expected to loose him and the expenses seem to rack up quickly. Carol- Thank you from the bottom of my heart, we all love you and are forever greatfull for your support in our time of loss. 
Dawson was then buried with an honor that I will forever hold in my heart as a miracle from God! My papa died several years ago when I was only 16 years old. Dawson never got a chance to meet him, I know that they would have loved each other. My papa was buried mith military honors for serving in the Korean War. He was buried in the veterans section of Hillcrest cemetary, the cemetary famous for the avenue of 144 flags. Now, my son was only 5 years old and couldn't serve in any wars, but as a tribute to him, he was buried beside his great grand-father in the veterans of foriegn war section! How amazing an honor to a 5 year old childs' life cut short, now he is buried with honors and walking with angels!!!
Dawson was only gone for 2 days when we learned from the coroner that the little illness' that he had had throughout his life were not properly diagnosised. Dawson was born with a rare heart condition called cardiomyopathy, also known as the altheletic killer. His heart was twice the size it should have been at birth and his doctor never caught it. At time of death his heart was a little more than 3 times the size it should have been and struggling to beat and function properly. When he was given the medication that was prescribed by his doctor, because of this condition the medication didn't dispurse through his system properly and caused him to become gravely ill. He passed away less than 24 hours after beginning the prescription regimne. 
It has taken me along time to find any peace of comfort throughout the loss of my son. Finallly I have come to the acceptance that he is completely healed and will never suffer the pain that he would have later in life suffered from his heart condition. It doesn't make it less painful, I hurt everyday. It doesn't make it less angering, I think about how things could have been different if someone would have paid more attention. But through it all , I have learned this, the blame game willl not get me anywhere, and it isn't the way Dawson would live or want me to live. So everyday I carry his memory on through the stories of what he had and awareness of the condition he suffered from. Always trust yourself before your doctor!!

Last night while I was trying to sleep
my sons voice I did hear
I opened my eyes and looked around
But he did not appear
He said " mom you've got to listen 
You've got to understand
God didn't take me from you, Mom,
He only took my hand.
And pulled me to his side
He pulled me up and saved me
From the misery and the pain
My body was hurt so badly inside
I could nevet be the same
My search is really over now
I've found happiness within
All the answers to my empty dreams
And all that might have been
I love you and I miss you so
And I'll always be near by
My body's gone forever
But my spirit will never die
And so you must go now
Live one day at a time
Just understand
God did not take me from you
He only took my hand

Remember Me
Remember me when you laugh and smile
Think of the good times all the while
Think softly of me when you kneel down to pray
For I must be going-I simply can’t stay
For this is a world we simply pass to..
We touch one another and then we are through
It is then that we leave and fly away home
Guided by angels and ones that we’ve known
We step into our heavenly light
So gain comfort in knowing that I am alright
Remember me when you sit down to pray
For your heavenly Father gave you today-
There are only today’s and never tomorrow’s
Make peace, be gentle and give of yourself
A life of service is “incredible wealth”
Be happy, be humble and live by your faith
Remember I love you -on you I will wait.
(written by Michelle Holt )

Dawson's Hobbies!!!
Dawson was an avid dog lover, big or small it didn't matter to him. He loved the outdoors as well. He camped every summer with his mema and popeye and mommy and brobro. He loved the water, swimming was the one thing that even with a sick heart he had no problems tackling the feet! He loved watching American Idol w/ Mema and singing along w/ the television, however out of tune he often was. He had a dream of singing on the stage of the church in the church choir! He loved Clifford the big red dog and Scooby Doo! As a tradition introduced by friends and adopted family Jeff and Beth, he was also an avid Thomas the Train collector! His track could fill the living room and most of the kitchen and he had almost all the trains to the electronic set! SUPER HEROES!!! Spiderman and batman, hulk, and ofcourse cops! his was always lobbying for the good guy! He loved football- Let's go STEELERS!!! liked backyard sports also, biking with his friends, running child like races from one sidewalk to the next. His favorite color was pink and it didn't matter how many times you told him that pink was for girls. He would tell you he liked it anyways! He loved to color and loved to learn1 He loved bedtime bear from carebears and shrek of course the green ogre!! His collection of match cars is well over 200 cars and ranges from cars to trucks and motorcycles, and even buses! Dawson had so many many dreams- he always had a doctors set at home and was always giving check ups to anyone that came into the room! Dawson was in the process of learning foriegn languages when he passed away and could say hello, I love you, how are you, and have a good day , in either spanish or japanese! His desire to learn was always such a defining part of who he was!

Although Dawson didn't actually pass away until November 24,2005 I think that this graphic (accidently printed date of death wrong) could not have had a better typo on it! Dawson was suffering for far longer a time than anyone of us knew, longer than the 5 days that ailed him prior to his death! So it brings me comfort to believe that God saw this pain, and that it was never part of his plain for my baby to suffer! His ultimate healing was wings on his way to heaven, and now he walks on streets of gold as he watches over his brother! ...........

Thank you God for healing a child who could not speak for himself, Thank you God for saving my baby and giving him his health, Thank you God for I know all is done through you, Thank you  God, Thank you!!

"Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,
the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort,
who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can
comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we
ourselves have received from God" 
(2 Corinthians 1:3,4)

A Bond Of a Brothers Love!
From the time that Dawson had a little brother , he let the whole world know that that was his baby! While I was pregnant I had gone and baught a little boy baby doll to teach Dawson how to change, hold, feed, and be gentle with a newborn! To my amazement it actually worked! Dawson and his brother Tacoma had a very special bond! He only allowed certain people to hold and cuddle his baby! And he always wanted to help feed and burp his baby! By the time that Tacoma was able to try to sit up or lay on a floor with baby toys, Dawson decided that it was time for him ( Dawson ) to temporarily give up his own toys to teach his bro-bro what toys were all about! By the time Tacoma was 1yr old he still refused to walk or even attempt to crawl! This had solely in part to do with Dawson and the attachment issues and bond formed between the two of them. Tacoma whimpered, and Dawson knew what he wanted, every noise and coo had a distinct meaning and they were only known to each other! I would sometimes get so frusterated when in a hurry and having no idea what Tacoma wanted, I would have to wait for Dawson to tell me what he wanted! I would give anything to have that back again! Dawson would drag his brother to a toy and bring him toys and blankets, he and he alone knew what would pacify his brother. They were blood and that is just where the bond brgan, it was so much stronger the genetics that ran thru them! Dawson catered to his brother until the very  day he passed away! Tacoma is just now learning to clearly talk in his brothers absence. He will not allow anybody to touch his bro-bro's things at all! He lays in bed at night and talks to him! When we visit his grave he leaves pictures and toys! I put Tacoma thru play theraphy and w/ his mobile therapist he renacted the day of his brothers death! And as painful as it is for me to know that I was asleep for My Chudda's last breathe I believe it was meant to be. His last moments were spent with the one person who he was closest to in the whole world, his bro bro! Thru his theraphy we found out that Tacoma woke up before Dawson died and sat at Dawson's feet holding his brothers feet while he took his last breathe and slipped away w/ God! I cant think of any other way I honestly would rather of him spent his last moments! I am not to selfish a mother to know that those minutes were more important to my boys as brothers than I can ever really appreciate! i know one day my boys will reunite and that bond will still be as strong as the heavens!!

Each day of our lives we make deposits in
the memory banks of our children.
Charles R. Swindoll

The Promised Life
When you hear that I am gone
And left this troubled world below
don't you believe that I am dead
although the evidence will show
I'll be alive more than before
while my earthly vessel will decay
I'll be ontop of everything
being far from dead in any way
While others may mourn and cry
don't you be sad, but rejoice
I'll be promoted by God himself
for I've responded to his voice
I may leave some of you behind
as I'll take orders from the King
forever I'll be in His company
rejoicing while Hallelujahs I'll sing
I won't be dead or cold as stone
for I will live for evermore
death has lost its painful sitnd
therefore I'll continue to soar
My enemy I'll overcome
as I depart from this globe
when entering everlasting bliss
God will hand me a brand new robe
No I won't be dead dear friend
for he that has the Son hath life
the grave is just a stepping stone
which puts an end to earthly strife
When you read my name somewhere
on a long list of the dead
remember God keeps his promise
and gives life for death instead
For everyone whom upon Jesus calls
and accepts him as Savior and Lord
will never see death , neither decay
but life according to His word.
written by: Dr. Trudy Veerman

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.
It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.
Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.
It always protects, always trusts, always perseveres.
Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease;
where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away.
And now these things remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.
--Bible - 1 Corinthians 13:1-8, 13

 Dawson's Friends!
Alexis Jade Carter~ oh how he loved her and swore
that they would marry! Friends since birth, and
he always wanted to be right w/ her

Coleman &Dakota  Brown~ T-ball team member, neaighboor , and one of his closest friends. They played forhours in the summer. If Dawson disappeared
I knew he was at Colemans'
Ashley D'Nardo~ neighbor and friend, Dawson loved to have her over the house because she was easily convinced  into doing or playing anything he wanted
Taylor Sowash~ School Peer, neighbor, friend. Dawson liked to always be around Taylor, she always played little mother hen to all the boys in school
Deante~ Friend and nieghbor, these two boys played so well together, he was Dawson's first real school friend 
Fausto~ BEST FRIENDS!! From the time Dawson and Fausto met the were inseperable! They never disagreedand always watched for the other to arrive patiently at school!
Andrew & Mackenzie Parnell~ neighbors and friends. All the kids in the neighborhood played all summer long, a select few grew close enough to form bonds, these two were of that group with Dawson
Chase~ school friend and neighbor, chase was so quite but Dawson had a way of bringing out the best of people and he and Chase had that bond
Olivia Re' Milner~ Dawson's friend and Godsister! I can't honestly remember a time when they didn't act like brother and sister, truely!
Austin Taylor McFeaters~ Friend, from a very young age these two boys were introduced to each others lives, typical boys and they made typical mischief 2gether!
Rylee Alicia Faye Dundon~ his little baby girl! A family friends daughter, but in the eyes of Dawson, the sun, moon, and stars set on her head!
Avery Renee McFeaters~ She was still a little young when Dawson passed but he had a brief moment to cherish her
Zach~ Friend from school! he taught Dawson patients when Dawson forgot what that was, and he was one of Dawson's most cherished friends! 
Camielle~ School Friend and neighbor, Dawson thought she was sobeautiful with her shy quite manner! He adored her!
Lexi~ School friend, and neighbor, these two were closer then I even knew until Dawson passed and she was so devasted, she adored him as much as he adored her
Makye~ these two at times were two of a kind, they both saw the world in a way that nobody else did, but together they got it. It was when they didn't agree on something that got them into hot water
Kenneth Kishton~ he is just a little guy and looked up to Dawson alot while at play or wherever. 
Haylee Minteer~ As close as family, and always spending summer 
camping trips together. 
Zack Duncan~ fellow atlete and t-ball player
Zack Testoni~ Dawson really admired him and zack was always patient and took time to teach him
Joshua~ neighbor and classmate, although older, he always took time to read or just build blocks with Dawson

( I am very sure that my son has an entire host of other friends, and please forgive me if I have left anyone out. It has been so long since I have stepped foot in my sons classroom that some things are alittle gray for me. But please do feel free to email me and let me and I will surely add any friend that has slipped my mind! Thank you all for your support! ) 

School Achievements!
Dawson mastered his alphabet and was so proud when he went to popeye and told him he could finally say it! He learned the days of the week and could say them in the order that they came. He knew all of the colors of the rainbow and even a few more. He knew all of his shapes. He knew his address and telephone number and even mommy's cellphone number. He knew how to spell his name and could even write his and some of his friends names on paper fairly legiable. He was very good on the computer and it was one of his favorite stations at school. He new many songs to sing a carpet time including ~ wheels on the bus; down by the station; itsy bitsy spider; farmer and the dell; little baby bumble bee; bingo; and a varitey of of others! He loved to dance at excersize time to such songs as kids versions of baby got back; cha cha slide; and the makarena. He loved playing board games and matching games. He was extremely well at puzzles and tasks that requires cognative thinking. He always helped clean up and could never wait to go back the next day! This was Dawson's life~ his time at school was brief but it was a huge part of who he was and what he enjoyed! He was eager to learn and showing great potential, that potential now shines in heaven!

Sports and Hobbies!

Dawson loved the Steelers! Though he was still just learning really what football was and how to play it is was not a rare site to see him on a sunday with his popeye routing the steelers on! From a very young age he would pick up a football and throw it as high up into the air as he could and as it landed on top of his head scream touchdown! I undoubtedly always thought he would have a glowing high school football career. He loved all sports though, it was not just football that was just his favorite. He played T-ball and it being his first year he was great, although it was a sight to see as every time he hit the ball he ran the bases backwards! Non the less he was so proud of himself and ran them anyways! In the summer time if his cousin Zack was around you were sure to find them at the nearest the basketball hoop or just out side tossing the ball around. Dawson took it all in as he was alot younger than zack and idolozed him, but he learned and played hard.Dawson was Mema's American Idol! He loved music, singing and playing with his toy instruments! During each season of American Idol he would sit with my mom and sing along with the songs, one of my moms favorite memories of him is him singing to her! Dawson was a water baby from the time he was born. Looking back I know that this had alot to do with his heart. He got over heated and hot very easily and water was obviously very soothing to him. He was easily able to swim the length of 8x8ft swimming pool without any assistence from floatation devices or me! If there was a pool he was in it! Dawson was always on the go and lead a very active life up til the day of his death! I have that to be thankful for! So many parents say to themselves if I had known I could have done something differently. And as angery as I am that I never knew he was sick and that there was negligence on behalf of health care providers, I tell myself one thing everyday~ I didn't know and because I didn't know I allowed him to live a happy, full and active life. I can't say I would have if I had known he was sick. I have to say I am forever thankful I allowed him the opportunity to live free and happy! 

Dawson's Friend's in Heaven

Faytaun Wells
4/23/1999 - 7/27/2005
Faytaun was born to David and Chanda Wells, and he has a little brother named Jayden that misses him very much. Faytaun and my Dawson never met, but our families are united by a bond of the same tragedy. Dawson and Faytaun both suffered from the same illness, cardiomyopathy. Our families had no idea our babies were even sick until they took God's hand and joined heaven. Now we are an angel family united! I ask the visitors of my Chudda's site please to visit angel Faytaun's site, and lite a candle for the little boy who sits with my Dawson and watches over us all!


Please also visit our other angels in heaven and light candles for their memory, and keep their lite alive! 









For all those who visit my son's site I thank you so very much. However for those who are also parents of children and lite candles I ask that you please email me with the site link to your childs site so that I can light candle and post the link on Dawson's site. I don't care how long the list gets, so long as these precious angels are getting the tributes that they so very much deserve. Thank you again for all the wonderful things that you post. - kayla

More sites to angels










Dawson's Favorite Cartoons


How far that little candle throws his beams. So shines a good deed in a weary world.

Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow.
Helen Keller

A special thank you to all those wonderful friends out there who have helped to make Dawson's site so wonderfully decorated and filled with things he would love. You are all angels in my eyes and I pray that God and your angel's are always be with you no matter where you are! God bless you and know that you are always in my prayers and thoughts. 
Love and Hugs,

once upon a time, the sun shinning and the clouds had all gone 
the players were out and the batters were ready
twenty little boys lined positions proudly to play 
taking turns to show their skill, and moving along steady
in a see of children one stood out
red hair, excitement written on his face
he took his turn and swung the bat
quikly he ran to first base. 
how proud the little boy was, 
he made a ht, he shouted to tell mommy and brobro
now he watched intently as his teammates took their turns 
cheering them on as they would go
innocent and intelligent
these little boys lined up for sport and fun
friends were made and memories built
but for one little boy, life would soon be done
those memories will carry mommy
thru the days without him near 
and keep him alive in the hearts of his teammates
who played with him that year
for this red haired angel,
his game is now at heavens field, 
he watches us and cheers the loudest
and thou we can't see him, his presence will never yeild
this red haired angel, was mommys little boy,
he was the coaches favorite, this mcuh I know.
You see the coach and mommy are the same person
but that favor never showed
I know this story to be true, 
I know it very well
You see I am the coach, and the mommy
and I miss my red haired angel more than words can tell

( For Dawson: mommy never was mya angleou of words, but the truth is in my heart, I love you so much. Death can never end that for me. You are in heaven, that I have to live with, but just the same, I LOVE YOU MORE TODAY THAN YESTERDAY, NOT AS MUCH AS I WILL TOMORROW!  All my love always, I love you chudda!)
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Tributes and Condolences
Bday Blessings in Heaven little man 2010   / Lorraine Mom To Angel Kelli (Connected by angels )
HAPPY 10th BIRTHDAY   / Kari Mcfeaters (cousin)
hey bubby its just me your big cousin kari i just wanted to tell you happy 10 birthday and i wanted to tell you i was thinking about you so HAPPY BIRTHDAY i love you bubby
Birthday wishes   / Mommy Mommy (Mommy)
I can't believe you will be ten years old tomorrow! It seems just like yesterday that the doctors brought you screaming out of the nursery to see me- I fell in love! It's hard to imagine now how different life could be if you were here, but I know it...  Continue >>
Sharing the Good news   / Mommy Mommy (Mommy)
Hey ChuddaMommy just wanted to stop by and share some really good news with you! Mommy and daddy are having another baby!! As happy as this whole experience is making us it is bitter sweet as well! You should be here with us enjoying the happiness th...  Continue >>
Remembering  / Zack Kelley (cousin)
Dawson it's been almost 4 and a half years since you passed and yet it still feels like yesterday. I remember the way you used to run up and give me a big hug everytime i saw you the way you used to run around with a football in your hands screa...  Continue >>
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His legacy
Praying for INDEPENDENCE!  

Dear Chudda,
I remember the day when Uncle Kenny gave you the flag he earned for his time in Iraq. I remember that day so clearly, as that was the last time I saw your face, laying in the cofin with a peaceful look upon your face. It was so important to him that you got a piece of him that ment the most on your travel to heaven. He called his mom and asked her to drive from Clarion to your funeral and deliver that piece of hard earned material that symbolized his purpose for two years. 
        Uncle Kenny has changed so much since you left. He wondered around looking, searching for his purpose in this life of choas. He went thru extreme highs and frightening lows. He even disappeared for three months leaving us a frazzled mess of nerves and worries. He seemed to take your death in a manner that nobldy understood at all. I tried to reach him and he was to far lost to even know I was there. 
        Almost two years now that I as a mother, and with our family behind me, said our last goodbyes to you and laid you to rest beside papa. For many of us it is just now that we are facing the reality of your death. For me, its facing the little things that help me thru. I coach t-ball again for Tacoma, I camp again, and I even began to date again. For mema and popeye they go about with the things that they did for you now doing for Tacoma. For uncle Kenny though, he now is facing his second term in Iraq. He feels that he owes it to himself and to your memory to fight for the freedom this country has become accostumed to. 
        With uncle Kenny's departure coming closer and closer with each passing day, I fear and worry more than I can explain. I have already buried my oldest child, I don't know that I have the strength to bury my oldest brother too. I often wonder if Kenny's extreme way of living is to merely tempt fate to join those he loves that have left him here to mourn thier abscence. 
        I pray that you watch over him while he is there. Keep him safe and secure as possible while he is so far away. I pray that you be with him and his squadron, guiding them as they make crucial decisions each day. 
         I know that Kenny is doing an honorable thing and that he is doing so for those he loves as well as those he has never met. But I wish he wasnt going at all. How selfish I know to ask that he stays and someone else go in his place. I am aware of the unfairness of my thoughts and prayers. So I put all of this in God's hands with the knowledge that all will be well and he will do as he knows best. 
       I feel that this is part of his legacy to your memory. I also know that this is why his fight is part of your legacy, for without your memories to guide him and the promise he made you to do what is right, he wouldn't be facing to horror of the sands for the second time. 
       With that in mind I ask that you give me the strength to turn all my worry to God and know that come what may, I will get thru it all. I love you so much Dawson, my chudda child. I know I am not perfect, none of us are. I hope you see how mommy and brobro are and can proudly say " yep thats my family" 
        Tonight when I say my prayers I am going to pray that God keeps your ears open to my prayers so that when I talk to you you can hear. I love you angel. 
Love mommy

A letter to heaven, sent on eagles wings!  

Dear Chudda,
I think so much of you  and when I do I just keep telling myself that there is a beautiful angel flying in the heavens and my heart. For all that this life had to offer, nothing was enough for heaven holds greater things of promise for you! How blessed am I to know that I have a child who walks with God each morning, wakes to say a personal hello to Jesus and watches his family closest of all! My dreams for you were cut incredibly short, but the faith that I have gained with each passing day of your abscence is that I that I know God and he who knows and accepts God as savior of all sins, a forgiving and all knowing God, will have everlasting life. As my heart aches each and everyday with out you here, I find comfort in knowing that you soar like the wind, free as an eagle on you angel wings of gold! My dreams for you have changed, but as your mommy, they are dreams that never fade. I still dream of what I think God's purpose for you in heaven is, I still dream of that day when we will meet again. But my most speacial and precious dreams of those memories that I forever hold dear! I love you mostest bestest, for you are my first born, now my angel, and forever my son!  With all my love and hugs and mouchies,
love you mommy

Languages of Love  
How to say I Love You.......

I Love You

Te Amo

Je T'aime

lch Liebe Dich

Ai Shite Imasu

Ti Amo

Wo Ai Ni

Jag Alskar
Thinking of You and Watching you grow in your brobro's heart  

Hey Chudda,
I have been thinking of you more than ever lately. It's spring time out and we just celebrated Easter yesterday. Oddly enough I was never so thankful for the cold, as I miss you so much and the snow made me feel you right beside me! I watch Tacoma grow everyday, and he is starting to develop his own personality, he is his own person, but he is more like you than I would have ever imagined. He has a love for music that I remember in you. He loves to sing and dance. He chased the usher down at church to give him a dollar he found in his pocket because he wanted to give it to Jesus. I remember how much you loved Church. This picture of Tacoma, it was made by a friend Dianne. She didn't realize it was Tacoma until after she made it. He looks you in so many ways, I guess it is sometimes hard for me to see it because you are not here in body anymiore. I know in my heart, that you are where you are meant to be, for to suffer, I can never believe that was your destiny. So I watch Tacoma grow up, I never miss the chance to see the pieces of you that were imprinted on his heart in the time you spent together. It's my way of watching you two grow up together, and though it often brings pangs of saddness to my heart, I am greatful, that there was that time. For that I am always greatful! I love you my Chudda!
Love always, 

Missing you  
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